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I believe that life is not about knowing what comes next. It’s about navigating the unexpected and finding magnificence in the quirks and idiosyncrasies that make up our everyday world. I am an explorer, and adventure is what I seek. For me, it can be found in a thunder cloud rolling in or a simple leaf dancing in the wind. Being someone that appreciates the aesthetic, I have always been drawn towards visual art. I've lived in and around the Louisville area my whole life while traveling the world as much as possible. In my youth, I took every available art class and discovered in my senior year of high school my affinity towards photography.

Photography has been my greatest love affair. It began with candid shots. I fell in love with capturing unique instances, ones that most people ignore. In 2003 I earned an Applied Science degree in Commercial Photography. Currently, I'm working as a photographer for a company while freelancing photographing events, weddings, portraiture and the natural world.

Over the years my photography has been published in Rolling Stone Magazine, Wall Street Journal, local magazines and calendars, and has won numerous honors and awards. I have over 19 years of varying photographic experience. I've worked for Shoes.com, Zappos and Rue La La, professionally photographing a wide range of products, models and food. When I am not shooting for other companies, I am capturing beautiful moments, whether they are mine or someone else's.

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"When you walk into the woods, it's like you shed your skin and become a whole new being in a whole new world. Rejuvenated, refreshed and revived. Sometimes we need to shed our skin as it gives us new life." -Michele Korfhage

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